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I'm Emily, your companion on the journey of pregnancy and childbirth.

With a holistic background in massage and meditation, hypnobirthing felt like a natural next step in my offerings. My passion lies in helping others to support their bodies and discover what resonates most for them. 

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My Story

Over a decade ago, a car accident left me with a lower back injury, altering my gait. Through nightly self-massage, I stumbled upon reflexology, realising its connection to soothing my back pain. Eager to delve deeper, I undertook training in hand, arm, leg, and foot massage, which ignited my passion for understanding the body's intricacies.

When pregnancy blessed me with my son, I naturally gravitated towards hypnobirthing. Despite my initial assumptions, I was amazed at how much there was to uncover. Using these techniques during my own birthing journey, I experienced a sense of empowerment and positivity I had never known. Eager to share this revelation, I became a certified hypnobirthing instructor, determined to spread this invaluable knowledge far and wide.

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